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specialists in collecting & analysing bathymetry data

DML works with central government, regional councils, engineering firms, coastal scientists, utilities & infrastructure and port authorities undertaking hydrographic & topographic surveys for managing coastal environments and marine assets   

We use high-tech sensors and digital echo sounders to produce bathymetric data, point cloud data and 3D imaging in whatever format our clients require.

bathymetry | dredging surveys | underwater imaging | river erosion monitoring | coastal surveys | backscatter & water column data

When DML first began business, our focus was the collection of bathymetric data used to create nautical charts.   Accurate nautical charts are vital for mariners navigating through busy ports and harbours and shipping lanes. Safe navigation depends on knowing ocean depths to understand the under keel clearance beneath vessels and the seabed surface. 

Over time, DML surveys has expanded services to include:

  • pre and post dredging surveys
  • underwater imaging of submerged structures
  • monitoring of erosion in rivers and coastal areas
  • tracking sediment movement
  • seabed and habitat mapping
  • provision of bathymetric data for tsunami modelling and coastal resilience planning
  • collection of backscatter and water column data for scientific studies

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608+ projects delivered

19 nautical charts updated

30+ years supporting NZ ports