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H.S.W.A and M.O.S.S

C.R.A.B - Constructive Reflection, Aiming for Betterment. If an event has occured, and sharing the experience could result in further improvements within DML's systems, procedures or equipment. Common examples are:

  • Missed communications leading to an error or close call

  • Minor loss or damage to equipment

  •  Requiring an everyday item from a first aid kit

  • Accidental vessel collision with fixed object/surface

  • Slips/trips

  • Identification of a new hazard

Near Miss/Incident Report - If an event has occurred which has potential to cause harm to persons or equipment it should be recorded here. Common examples are:

  • Striking a propeller (Piper, Pelican, Tupaia)

  • Damage to vessel-mounted survey equipment

  • An actual injury has occurred

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