GREG COX, Director | Operations Manager

Greg Cox is the company’s founder and a company Director. He also manages company operations and logistics.   Greg is instrumental in ensuring the seamless delivery of client projects, on time and within budget. 

Greg's experience spans an impressive 33 years. He began his career in the Royal New Zealand Navy achieving the rank of Lt Cdr and position of deputy Hydrographer of the Navy. He's also a member of the NZ Institute of Surveyors. Greg left the navy in 1997 to build DML Surveys which has recently celebrated 20 years of operation.

Greg is a IHO Cat A qualified hydrographic surveyor and also acts at the contracted hydrographer for New Zealand's busiest port, Port of Tauranga.  Greg's extensive experience as a mariner ensures operations are safe and suitable for the varied and challenging environments in which we work.

Greg is one of New Zealand’s most experienced hands-on surveyors. He is the recipient of an Award of Merit for Career Achievement in Hydrography from the Australasian Hydrographic Society for his services to the industry.