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Investment in training is considered mandatory at DML

Investment in training is considered mandatory at DML

Keeping people up-to-date with the latest technology and best practice is a constant challenge for any organisation given the expense and necessary time-out of day to day operations. However, DML considers this as mandatory for business sustainability.

The operation and knowledge of high end swathe sonars for engineering, port maintenance/development and national charting agencies is a complex business. DML is ensuring its people are staying abreast of advances in sonar capabilities and industry best-practice by participating in training and forums lead by some of the best minds in the business.

Declan Stubbing and Jimmy Van der Pauw, two of DML's senior surveyors, recently attended the 69th University of New Brunswick Swath Sonar course in Manly, Brisbane. The course was delivered by industry experts including John Hughes Clark, Larry Meyer, Dave Wells and Tom Webber.

According to the DML team, the lecturers had a knack for explaining very complex physics equations in such a way, that the concepts appeared profoundly simple.

Participation in these types of high-end courses allows DMLs team to also engage in interactive group discussions, explore emerging technologies and provides the opportunity to meet and compare notes with peers from ports, Navy's and hydrographic survey companies throughout Australasia.