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Sustainability – Business Strategies that make sense

"Sustainability" means different things to different people but for DML it's just good business. Sustainable business practices add value to your people, your clients, your bottom line and the community. These days it's essential to business continuity.

With the support of Jason Stockdale, Regional Business Advisor at the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce http://www.tauranga.org.nz/ and Anna D'Arcy, Business/Corporate Sustainability Advisor at Waikato Regional Council DML http://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/ DML recently completed the Certificate in Sustainable Business Practice (Level 5) http://www.op.ac.nz/study/sustainable-practice/ at Otago Polytechnic's Auckland campus. The 4 month part time course run by Simon Harvey of Business Lab http://www.businesslab.co.nz/sustainability/ helped DML to think strategically about our goals:

Our People. We are valued for our hard work and commitment to each other. We are adept at applying knowledge and skills to a changing environment. This drives personal fulfilment and company success, while promoting a healthier society.

Smart Solutions. We contribute to society and the planet by applying innovative solutions and providing accurate data, efficiently. Our customers are able to better understand marine and fresh water environments.

Partners for Change. We are responsible leaders for change and openly collaborate with our customers, suppliers, communities and government by sharing our visions and ideas. This enables great decision making.
Responsible Operations. We operate in and around water which is impacted by our presence. We always work with care.

Trusted Advocates. Our 'offices' are the marine and freshwater environments. Through trusted leadership and open communication we inform our people, customers, suppliers, local communities and government about what is occurring in real-time. This encourages engagement by all stakeholders.