Why DML Surveys contributes to school camps

For the last couple of years DML has provided a cash contribution to help Kaimai School get their kids to the senior school camp.  Although our contribution isn’t massive, at least it’s a start.

One of our company values is to “spend where it matters most” and we believe school camps matter.

Our team have all been fortunate enough to experience attending school camps. 

We learned the importance of TEAM, the value of FRIENDSHIPS, the glory in overcoming FEAR and the beauty in simple FUN.

Here’s how Kaimai School closed the deal when they sought sponsorship from us:

Students (not a parent or teacher), called us in person with their elevator pitch. The pitch included the story, what they needed and why and well-explained logistics of how to make payment and what we’d receive in return. Having to tackle the challenge of phoning a stranger is a great life experience.

When students returned from camp, they took the time to thank us for our support and to share some photos or stories.

Support for grass roots initiatives can be hard to come by. Often sponsorship policies are stacked in favour of highly visual, media-driven causes.  Despite this, DML will continue to reserve some funding for initiatives that are unlikely to deliver financially but will certainly deliver warm fuzzies.