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Discovery Marine Limited (DML) began in 1997 founded by Greg Cox (ex RNZN). The Company has continued to grow and now has offices in Auckland and Tauranga and also provides services into Australia. DML personnel are a team of talented and innovative professionals.
  • we use affordable capability to remain competitive
  • we attract & retain the best
  • we form meaningful, collaborative alliances
  • we spend where it matters most
  • we love a challenge
  • we care because we must
  • you've got the best-value provider
  • we won't let you down
  • you can trust our deliverables


Papers produced by our team ...

Terrestrial Laser Scanners

"Surveying from a Vessel Using a Multibeam Echosounder and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner in New Zealand" by D. Stubbing and K.Smith

Surveying - Risk Avoidance & Certification

"Surveying, Risk Avoidance and Certification of Hydrographic Surveyors in New Zealand" by B. Wallen


Key organisations that we work closely with ...