our commitment to sustainable business

it's about our people, clients & caring for the environment


DML is striving to achieve the following goals in order to be genuinely sustainable:

Our People. We are valued for our hard work and commitment to each other. Our people are adept at applying their knowledge and skills to a changing environment. This drives personal fulfillment and company success, while promoting a healthier society.

Smart Solutions. We contribute to society and the planet by applying innovative solutions and providing accurate data, efficiently. This enables our customers to better understand marine and fresh water environments.

Partners for Change. We are responsible leaders for change and openly collaborate with our customers, suppliers, communities and government by sharing our visions and ideas. This enables all stakeholders to participate and influence the outcome.

Responsible Operations. We operate in and around water which is impacted by our presence. We work with care, resulting in positive results for everyone.

Trusted Advocates. Our 'offices' are the marine and freshwater environments. Through trusted leadership and open communication we inform our people, customers, suppliers, local communities and government about what is occurring in real-time. This encourages engagement by all stakeholders.